Ermou St. : Vertical addition to the roof top of a five storey building on the corner of Ermou and Evagelistrias Street, Athens. The transportation and erection started at midnight due to the particularity of the area (pedestrian walk in the centre of Athens) and was completed in early morning hours.

Construction of plane belt conveyor platform.The platform was designed and constructed by our company on our client’s request. The construction included the metallic framework conveyor and the hydroelectric network.

Papastratos : Our company undertook the removal of the external stairwell and a metallic building as well as their transportation to storage. Moreover, the relocation od a metallic cover. The removal of the stairwell was done in single piece and were transported on the factory premise.In this way, our vlient was spared time and the works were completed in one day and not in five which was the first plan.

Athens Metro : During the construction of the Athens subway our company undertook the maintenance of the TBM’s heads, where it carried out work in the tunnels to continue the excavations. Upon completion of the works, we’ve disassembled them for transfer to another location. Upon completion of the work, we were responsible for dismantling and removing them from the tunnels.

Gear repair : Restoration of gears and worn teeth repair. Operations took place on the spot without the necessity of extraction and transportation to our company’s facilities.

As a result, the time required for the factory to stop operations was minimized. The breaches ware cleaned, the worn teeth were extracted and restoration of the material with special electrodes by certified welders.